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We are paying $75 for feedback!

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MyGolio is looking for help refining our new site.  In exchange we will be paying $75 that you can spend on whatever (i.e. beer).  


We hope you find the site straight forward.  Our estimate is it should not take more than 15 min.


MyGolio is designed to help artists find collaborators for their projects.  We are looking for people who are working on Music, Film, Photography and Artistic projects to post on MyGolio.


Eligible projects:

Any project with 3 or more participants

Projects which use the site 

Proof that demonstrates that the project actually exists (photo, sound clip, external link like youtube)


What is a ‘project’? 

A project is anything small or large that has a plan.  


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3+ people taking on tasks such as playing, recording, mixing sound, selling t-shirts, etc.

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3 + people taking on tasks such as photographer, model, designer, lighting, makeup, etc.

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3 + people taking on tasks such as writer, editor, sound, actor, production design, etc.

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Visual Art

3 + people taking on tasks such as artistic design, construction, lighting, sound, social media promotion, etc.


Please forward any questions to

MyGolio is new and we are trying to build out the FAQs so all questions are good questions.