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Starting Thoughts

If you are like me you have ambition beyond what you do today but lack a clear avenue to channel this energy.


I want it all:



-Personal development

-Work with a high performing team

-… and an Oscar, Grammy and Nobel Peace Prize


I’m busy.  I’m interested in working with people who respect me and my time.


That means:

-Things start on time

-There is always a plan

-Clear roles and responsibilities

-Everyone’s ego is checked at the door


I’m unproven.  I have some raw skills but little experience.  I’m about 9,982 hours short of 10k.


I want to spend my time:




-Developing my resume


I believe in give and take.  In every team some roles are higher profile than others.  After working admissions at events for three weekends it would be nice if someone would return the favor.


Quantify the time and effort put in:

-Track the time balance between the time I’ve asked from others and the time I’ve contributed

-Recognize special skills, I can bring to the project


My network is not that large.  A friend may ask for help but once someone is two degrees of separation away it gets difficult.  I miss out on things I’d like to be part of because I don’t hear about them.


Develop a network of interested & engaged people:

-Meet new people outside my circle

-Help strangers

-Receive help from strangers


I am not guaranteed any compensation but if there is money on the table it is only fair I get my piece. 


Fair means:

-Deals are spelled out up front

-Clear paper trail

-People protect their reputation for fair dealing and who have a track record of successful projects


If I’m part of something spectacular I don’t mind quietly taking credit.


My resume:


-Youtube hits

-Hash tag trending


-$ raised for charity

-Participants in the Guinness Record setting largest chicken dance


I’m not sure where I will be in two months.  I’m not looking for a lifetime partnership.  I want a closed ended project.


I see a project as:

-Specific plan

-Specific goal ($, hits, participants, users)

-Relatively tight timeline 

-My task(s) are clear

-Ownership & usage rights are clear and fair so there are no hurt feelings when hbo buys the rights to the youtube sensation ‘cat plays with box’

-Control always stays with the project owner


I want to work with ambitious people.


The ideal collaborator:

-Works well with others (punctual, courteous, realistic)

-Brings special skills

-Is building an impressive track record

-Finishes what they start

-Runs projects that make money

-Consistently puts time in, every week, every month they are out there working

-Gives and takes, they pursue their goals and are generous as they help others achieve their ambitions